PolyTalk' 14
Palais d'Egmont, Brussels, Belgium
Petit Sablon 8
1000 Brussels, Belgium
Czas trwania
04-11-2014 - 05-11-2014 (Cały dzień )
The 4th European Plastics Industry Summit in Brussels organised by the plastics industry for all key players: industries using plastics, retailers, policy-makers, NGOs, media and academia.
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Wolfgang Lange
Telefon:+32 (0) 2 676 17 33
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How can we reconcile competiveness and sustainability policy goals in Europe? What can be done to reduce the high energy costs crippling European industry? What are the concrete steps that need to be taken in the short-term to make the long-term vision of a competitive and resource efficient Europe a reality? And what is the potential of the plastics sector to contribute to sustainable growth in a challenging economic environment?

These and other related questions were recurring themes throughout PolyTalk 2014, a high level industry summit hosted by PlasticsEurope in Brussels on 4-5 November 2014. Under the umbrella heading "An Industrial Renaissance in Europe…let’s make it happen”, the conference gathered more than 300 high-level figures from the worlds of politics, industry, science, academia and the media to discuss a range of subjects from the circular economy to shale gas, and from the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership to education policy in Europe.

Many of these topics were addressed in a "Manifesto for the Competitiveness of the European Plastics Industry”, launched at the start of the conference as a joint initiative of PlasticsEurope and the European Plastics Converters (EuPC). PolyTalk 2014 also played host to an "Innovation Hub” where companies had the opportunity to showcase their latest technological innovations to people attending the conference. 

Download the summary report here.

This report provides a summary of discussions over the two days and highlights key points raisedby speakers and participants.

Watch PolyTalk debates on-line via the live webstream.

More info on PolyTalk on www.polytalk.eu