"Plastics and the Precautionary Principle"
MQ - MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, Austria
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14-11-2013 - 15-11-2013 (Cały dzień )
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Angelika Mader
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Whatever we do, precaution makes sense. Yet there are different perceptions about what is reasonable (and helpful) and what is not. US enterprises follow a different approach than Europeans, NGOs see things differently from industry. Who is right / who is wrong? This symposium will not so much discuss positions, but shed light on the motivations of the stakeholders, of industry and of regulators alike. 

The Vienna event is different.

Target group: Regulators mainly from the EU-Member States plus Industry (including associations and policy advisors).
Traditionally, advocacy aims at the European Parliament and on the European Commission. However, to a large extent, European legislation is developped and prepared by experts from the member states. "Plastics and the Precautionary Principle" is the first structured attempt to address those national stakeholders. This largely dispersed group of individuals have a huge influence on the making of regulations and also on the positions of their national ministers. i.e. of the Council.

Global Economic Ramifications
Is the current handling of environmental affairs in Europe truly sustainable? Or do we run the risk of creating a "luxury island" that in the end might jeopardize our competitiveness in a global economy? How do others see European health and environmental regulation: The U.S. as a future Free Trade Agreement partner, the OECD representing 34 member countries from North and South America to Europe and the Asia-Pacific region? 
Plus: Straight from the horse’s mouth, we want to get a better understanding where REACH will lead us in the foreseeable future (SVHC Roadmap 2020). On the other hand we want to create awareness among regulators for intrinsic industry needs and for eventual (unwanted) side effects of their legislation. 

Partnership with EAA – Environment Agency Austria (Umweltbundesamt)
The joint venture between EAA and PlasticsEurope (Austria) will offer unique networking opportunities between industry and public administration. Our aim is establishing contacts and creating mutual understanding. HOW DO THE OTHERS TICK - AND WHY? Participants will gain insight into the other groups’ paradigms, into their perception of risk and into their way of thinking (believing and feeling).

Communications will get easier.

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